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Found 22nd Dec 2007
I 'bought' a graphics card from NintendoSensei on this site in this thread -…ot/ - a fortnight ago. Card was paid for by bank-transfer (£55) on Friday 7th December, he confirmed receipt of the money on the following Tuesday, then eventually PM'd to say he'd mailed it on Thursday morning and would send a tracking number later when he got home. I never got the tracking number but wasn't too bothered about that as long as it turned up.

Now ten days after it was supposedly mailed I've received nothing. He doesn't respond to PMs, but then he hasn't returned to this site according to his profile details (so if he's still around he isn't logging in using that name). I called the phone number he provided, and spoke to someone who said he was the son of NintendoSensei's girlfriend. I left a message to call me back, with my number, on Thursday. Not having received a call, I tried again several times on Friday and no one answered the phone. I tried again today and the exact same phone number is now either 'out of service' or 'not receiving incoming calls' depending on which BT message I get. I also have an address he gave me, which I haven't done anything with yet.

He claimed to be prince_of_beardonia on ebay, which made sense and matched up with location and products, although I admit I didn't message that ebay profile beforehand to check. I have now sent a message on ebay and also received no response.

Basically I just wanted to warn anyone if he ever comes back to this site, or if any other user is claiming prince_of_beardonia as their ebay name (if that's you and you're not NintendoSensei then I can only apologise, but I doubt that's the case). If you're reading this NintendoSensei, then please be assured that I haven't given up even though it's 'only' 55 quid, and if you don't get in touch soon then I'll be taking further action.

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What a ****** !!
Have you informed admin as they should be able to see if the ip address attached to his user id is attached to any others as you can be sure he is still about.
Just a thought have you contacted your local PO depot to see if they are holding any packages?

Too right. I'd come down like the hounds of hell on anyone who tried to scam me! Do you have his home address?

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de_deej - Good point about the IP address, I hadn't thought of that. I'll point an admin in the direction of this thread to save explaining it all again and see if they can help. I pretty much just hit the end of my 'this could all be a misunderstanding' period, so I hadn't reported it yet. I haven't checked at the sorting office. Packages aren't uncommon to my address, and they're good about leaving the little red cards when there's no one to collect. Also the seller dropping out of sight obviously makes me less inclined to think 'lost in the mail'.

Scribbles - I've got the address he gave me, which appears to be residential from what I can tell. It's not particularly local to me or I'd have been round there already.

what city is it...just to see if it may be linked with any of the other 'scammers'

You must a) report full details to the site hosts b)warn Ebay most importantly advise PayPal and the police

The police are really cracking down on cyberfraud and can trace this thieving scumbag via Paypal. Would be worth also consulting your local trading standards - they are much more informes than they used to be.

good luck


mmmm if Dino had been about , could of helped ah well :?

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DHALL - just sent the info off to a couple of Admin/moderators. We'll see if they can help. Problem with reporting to ebay is that the deal wasn't conducted there and I have no absolute proof that NintendoSensei and prince_of_beardonia are the same person. I didn't pay via PayPal so I can't report him there.

Obviously the main problem is that you don't know if you have the correct details or not, checking the seller's feedback he has participated in two other deals - it may be worth contacting those members to find what address and phone number information was supplied to them.


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I'm pretty sure that most of the info I have is correct, just unwilling to believe anything I don't know for absolute certain at this point. Obviously I needed a name and bank details to send the money. When the phone was answered, supposedly by his girlfriend's son, the name I have was recognised. But yeah, it's still a good idea to get in touch with the other people he's dealt with on here before, thanks.

Richyy............ Report it to the police and they should take action, i work for west midlands and have seen this happen with people off e-bay who have been ripped off they have then reported it and action has been taken it should be passed on to the offenders nearest police station, Please don't except it to happen straight away but someone should take up your case and believe me someone been convicted of fraud is not a nice thing.
Also you might say it's only £55 but how many others has he do this too or will continue to do this too, This kind of thing happen's alot but people won't report it as they feel stupid and embarassed that they got ripped off.
If you have got his/her address and proof money has changed hands hopefully they will have something to go on.....
Good luck and keep on with it.........:thumbsup:


If I remember rightly, he lived somewhere on the Isle of Sheppey.


Sorry :oops:

So, what happened at the end?
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