sellers protected with paypal? re chargebacks

    hi all,

    just need some thoughts/experiences from sellers with paypal.

    my friend sold a iphone on ebay to a buyer in germany. sent it by ups 4 months ago. all fine and dandy until last week when paypal alerted him with "unauthorised chargeback"

    his account is now in the red with £400. obviously all the tracking/signature is available online.

    theres no mention of "seller protection" on the transaction page instead says "unauthorised chargeback"

    is he stuffed or will the tracking evidence suffice?


    Was it sent to a verified address?

    The reason I ask, a similar thing happened to me, though over a much shorter timescale - around 3 weeks from me posting. I was essentially up the creek, as to be insured as a seller through paypal it must be going to a verified address. Turned out the chap who had "bought" my phone had actually hacked someone elses account to pay for it.

    In the end I filed a crime report with International police, as I had the address that the phone had been sent to. Turned out he had done the same thing several times over and they made him pay all the money back to the people whose phones he had received

    For unauthorised chargeback as long as you have proof of posting, you should be ok. Note though that you will have an almighty battle on your hands with the behemouth that is Paypal.

    This happened to me last year and it took me 4-6 months for Paypal to refund me my money back after numerous phonecalls, emails and faxes to them. Despite being in the same boat as your friend and having tracking details/delivery info, Paypal in a phonecall to me admitted they made a mistake and accidentally marked the dispute in favour of the buyer and I spent the remaining months in a dispute with Paypal themselves to reverse their decision. In your friend’s Paypal account make sure he details in plain English facts like what date the item was posted, where it was posted to, tracking number, date of delivery etc and then upload the proof of posting and also details showing where/when the item was delivered. Your friend will have to accept the loss of the £400 for the time being until this is resolved and make sure they call Paypal weekly to give them a kick up the jacksy to remind them to pull their finger out. Good luck.

    Basically do as the others have said, I had this happen recently with a lower priced item but they claimed their account had been hacked (from things that happened im pretty sure thats a lie) but the opened a dispute I provided proof of delivery and it was found in my favour. They then got their card company to do a charge back, initially they charged me £7 for the charge back plus the actual amount but I argued with them about seller protection that I followed all the rules etc... they then refunded all the money so my account was no longer in minus status and that was that.
    So as long as the rules have been followed eg... you have proof of delivery, sent to a confirmed address, then they should be fine, just need to keep pestering paypal.

    Original Poster

    my friend tells me the address was "unconfirmed" apparently all overseas addresses are classed as unconfirmed



    my friend tells me the address was "unconfirmed" apparently all overseas … my friend tells me the address was "unconfirmed" apparently all overseas addresses are classed as unconfirmed

    Considering how vocal you are on other threads about paypal I'm surprised you don't know the answer

    What are the eligibility requirements for PayPal seller protection?You … What are the eligibility requirements for PayPal seller protection?You must meet all of these requirements to be covered: 1. The item purchased must be a physical, tangible good that can be posted. 2. The transaction must be marked by PayPal as eligible or partially eligible for seller protection on your Account “Transaction Details” page. 1. If it is marked eligible, protection for both Unauthorised Payments and Item Not Received will apply. If it is marked partially eligible, protection for only Item Not Received will apply. 2. Items sold on eBay will be marked eligible even if the shipping address is marked unconfirmed. Generally, items sold on websites other than eBay will be marked eligible if the shipping address is marked confirmed and partially eligible (that is, eligible for Item Not Received only) if the shipping address is marked unconfirmed.

    FWIW if he doesn't fund the account paypal won't do anything. He will get letters and phone calls from their debt collection arm, but they never actually take court action.
    In the meantime tie them up in disputes, send letters asking for proof of the chargeback, IP address of the person who made the payment and stuff like that - they will give up

    In that case, from what I read at the time, he doesn't have a leg to stand on legally. He only has protection when sending to a verified address. He needs to raise a dispute to find out on what grounds the chargeback has been made.

    If it is something such as a hacked account, get onto International Police ASAP, I wouldn't just leave it as a dispute, these things can affect your credit rating, and it just isn't worth it.

    Geez OP practice what you preach springs to mind.
    You will need to tell your m8 to close the paypal account & just accept you/he has been stung.paypal will send you 1 or 2 emails,but that's all that will happen.
    The real payers account has been hacked & someone has bought themselves a nice iphone with the honest customers money.

    I had a chargeback by a buyer from Germany. I'd sent the item in the morning and in the afternoon my funds were taken back. It was for about £30 but I was so upset! I'd sent it international signed for, I sent the proof to Paypal and they didn't want to know. About a year later (I'd kept hold of the receipt) I emailed them and complained again and they said they wanted proof again so I went to look for the receipt and it was gone! I never did get my money back!

    Easy answer never post abroad, pay pal are never going to listen so just stick to uk, saying that pay pal are on the buyers side on the uk avoid eBay I do now
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