Selling 360s (post ban wave)

    With this recent and huge wave of bans, the second hand market for 360s is going to be fraught with danger. If you pick up a 360 second hand and it has been live banned, or even flagged but not yet banned. then you have no recorse with Microsoft, they don't care if you just bought it, you've lost a significant amount of the functionality, and probably won't have any recourse with the guy who sold it to you either. (other than leave negative feedback, complaing to moderators etc.)

    Obviously there are going to be people trying to get rid of their banned 360s, and maybe not being honest about their status, so can I suggest that it be required that anyone selling a 360 should have to include a photo of their username next to the tv showing the xbox logged into say.. the home page on live marketplace.

    not perfect I know but it might help a little.

    Another option might be a photo of the serial number, so that people could phone microsoft and verify if the console is banned or not, but then I don't know if MS would give that information out.


    M$ want you to buy a new one no matter what..........their never ever gonna bring back the banned ones into use.

    if they did then people will just sell em and the ban will hardly have an effect on pirates.


    hey if you bought one from here and you know the persons address who conned you then PM me and i will sort it out. it is about time these louts got whats coming to them

    What exactly can't you do with a banned one?

    I've read you can't use it as a media centre, does that mean no 'Media Centre' or no 'Video Library' or both?

    Original Poster

    you can't use it as a media centre extender together win windows media center on your pc. you can still play divx files etc via tversity i think but only if you had previously downloaded the optional media update (since there is no way to get it onto the xbox once it's banned)

    you can't install games to the hdd or play games already installed. and you can't move your gamertag or saves made on the banned xbox to an unbanned one. (to stop you from getting gamerscore on a modded box and then using it on live)

    and no i haven't bought a banned box but i just thought that i wouldn't want to be trying to shop for a second hand 360 right now. btw people who have had their xboxes banned and want a new one, should know that GWD are offering to part exchange your banned boxes against new ones, old box + £70 buys you a new unmodded box. I figured if I tried to post it as a deal it'd get spammed but can probably tell people here.


    old box + £70 = new box???

    you can get a standard box at that price. you can still use your old cables and stuff with it. so that isnt much of a deal unfortunately.

    Original Poster

    well since ms put up the price of the arcade, i doubt you'll find anything new for that good a deal. although the elite deals if you sell off everything work out pretty good. americans have been getting the arcades for $99 which goes to show how much of a rip off it is over here atm
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