Posted 20th Oct 2022
I have a Canon Camera, CEX says they will buy for £116, do I need to make an appoitment and do I need to take in proof of who I am, how longs does it normally take
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    And be prepared for bank transfer payment as they rarely have cash in the tills 
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    Don't need appointment, just walk in.
    You may need some proof of identity.
    It takes 1 - 2 hrs when I sell my phone or dash cam. I tends to get there by 1pm so they have sufficient time to check before closing

    By the way, have you try Facebook marketplace? You probably get a better price (edited)
    Sold quite a bit on marketplace too but lately find very unreliable and maybe not worth the hassle
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    Can honestly say sold loads of things to them in the past never had a problem but yes if you go for bank transfer usually it's in by next working day.
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