Selling a car

    Hiya. Im selling my car and need to draw up a reciept in the event that someone buys the car. What kinda things do i put on the reciept? or does anyone have any templates? Silly question i know haha!



    Whenever I sell a car , I put the date and time also make sure they pay cash only.

    Put your name and address
    date and time
    Payment recieved for............................ make and model etc
    paid in full and sold as seen.

    With the time and date, if they get a speeding ticket you woud have proof that it was not yours, also make them sign the reciept, and keep a copy.

    Vehicle details

    Date / time / location

    Buyer / Sellers details


    'Sold as seen'

    Contract of Sale

    Hope this helps.......Rgds - Saj:)

    I, yr name, of, yr address, being the legal owner of a make & model, current registration XXXX do hereby sell and confer complete and binding legal title and ownership of vehicle only on a ‘sold as seen’ basis, to Mr/Mrs/Miss YYY of, their address.

    I confirm having received this day, date, from Mr/Mrs/Miss YYY the sum of Pounds ZZZ Only (£ in numbers), being payment in full for the above vehicle only.

    I also confirm that there are no outstanding Finance or HP payments and that the vehicle is free from any charge or encumbrance in favour of any third party not disclosed or known to Mr/Mrs/Miss YYY at the time of purchase.

    Yr Name

    (Dated 17/02/01)

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    Fantastic! Thanks guys
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