Selling a car - how not to be scammed.

    I want to sell my car and have never done it before. I am reminded of several stories whereby sellers have been given dodgy cheques, bankers drafts etc.

    What in your opinion is the safest way of selling a car. (cash would be ideal , I know that)


    Mke sure you meet them at a destination where you can go back (Service Station), but thats only if he/she cant come to your house and always try to deal with cash!! Make sure they fill out the V5 and you keep the part which you have to send off to the DVLA!!! Dont let them drive the car alone and ask them if they are insured to do so???

    Do not be nervous around them, remember you are the one in control!!!

    Good Luck!! :thumbsup:

    I sold my car on Autotrader - sold within 3 hours!
    I think I was very lucky but make sure you tell them everything about the car and any faults as well.
    If you have plenty of documentation, then take a photo of that as well.

    As for how you accept monies, I only accepted Cash. Too many horror stories like you said with bankers drafts etc...
    If they want the car, they will pay cash, even it means holding onto the car a extra day or so as long as they leave a cash deposit.
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