Selling a Car that has been in an accident

Posted 9th Jan 2008
How much does this knock off the market value?

Our car has been deemed repairable, as the insurance company are allowing repairs to go ahead.

This leaves us in the predicament of selling the car, as we do not want it any longer.

Has anyone had such experience selling a car that has been involved in an accident (but not written off), and what's the best way about it?
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Make sure that the repairs are done correctly. Check for things like paint drips or a mismatch in colour. Also check to see if all the panels have been aligned properly. If the insurance company are repairing it then they don't deem it to be a write off so you are not required by law to tell the buyer that it has been involved in an accident. If the repair is done professionally then there should not really be an issue. The car should not be worth any less.

I think you will find that a large percentage of secondhand cars have been involved in an accident at some time in their life.

What car is it and how much do you want for it? I might be interested at the right price.
It depends what Category damaged it is - have a look online for Category C & D
I thought there was no category unless it was written off?

af - It's an 04 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Life (5dr) with 32000 ish miles. Market value is currently approx £6250, so we're prob going to look towards £5500.

Repairs aren't due to be completed until the 19th Jan, so I'll have to wait until then before actually putting a proper price on it.
The categories show the severity of the damage if the car is written off, if it is not written off then it would not have a category. Category X and D can be repaired and without anything showing on the V5 document usually. Category C damage will require a safety check on the car after it has been repaired and the V5 doc records the fact that it has been written off. Category A&B can only be dismantled for parts and can not be repaired.

You should be ok selling it. Good luck with it.
Remember dont sign for the car unless it it perfect. If you are selling it and its not right send it back. My brothers went back 3 times before it was right. What I would do is go to your dealer and take some pics of the same model of car to compare it when you get yours back as your mind can mislead you.

Also find out where its going to be repaired from your insurance company and look for reviews to see if they do a good job. When my car was broken into they were going to send it to there normal garage but I requested another one near me that mends highend cars like ferrari's and they agreed. Was Direct Line.

Remember if it doesn't look brand new dont accept it back.
If you are asked if the car has been in an accident you should be honest, I'd advise honesty anyway. You can be sued in the small claims court at a later date if they discover it has been in an accident anyway. If the repairs are not up to scratch you could fnd yourself in very serious trouble.

My advice, get the AA or RAC to do a full check of the vehicle when you get it back. If they spot a fault with the repairs then get the company involved to rectify. If it is ok then sell it and include a copy of the AA check, you're then covered. Plus you can be honest about the repairs as they've been checked properly.
Yes, you don't have to tell them BUT if they ask, you have to.
if a vehicle is written off, then repaired, mot'd and back on roadthe damageis noted on the v5 document, if it is subsequently written off again the insurance company will take 10% from market value, i know cause it happened to me!
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