Selling a charity cookbook online

    Hi all,
    We are a company whose charity of the year is Macmillan Cancer Support. As part of our fundraising, we are putting together a Charity Cookbook which will be professionally printed and then sold with all profit going to the charity.
    We can sell copies to and through staff but we were wanting to look at being able to sell copies online. We are not talking huge numbers here!
    Does anyone have any suggestions on whether this is possible / feasible or any ideas on how best to do it?
    Many thanks in advance!!


    Through the actual Macmillan website maybe? Christies hospital in Manchester.

    Not really answering your question but, a friend did this, rang the local papers and got a full page in the local evening paper circulation probably 1 million people.

    Just had a quick look on ebay for you they have a thing called ebay giving works. As long as you are a non-profit org then you are entitled to list on ebay and not have to pay if the item sells.
    "And if your listing sells, we credit back 100% of the Insertion and Final Value Fees."…tml

    Might be a good idea to do what greg_68 has said and then put the items on ebay, giving the newspaper the ebay username so readers can buy on ebay. You could have some bidding and some buy-it-now.

    Hope this helps in some way.

    EDIT - just read your post again and seems I am confused. Your company most probably will not be a non-profit org in which case just list on ebay and set 100% of the auction/buyitnow item to Macmillan Cancer Support. ebay should already have them set up on the charity list.
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