Selling a domain name - How much ????

Found 29th Mar 2007
I have just recieved a letter from a company which has the same name as a domain name I own asking if I will sell the domain to them!

Where do I begin trying to figure out how much I should be asking ???

Any advice gratefully recieved.

p.s. Its a local small company - just seems to be starting up - not a multinational unfortunately :-)
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tell them to offer you a price!

im guessing it might be about £150??
This is a wrong forum Tomb

Moving to deal requests...
there is a site that calculates a domain's worth i'll find it now and let you know
Not been moved yet :thinking:
How is this a deal request? :?
edi moved it so i click the warning and informed him he was wrong to move so he put it back! also calculates a website's worth but the results are different to URL Buyers.
What's the domain you own and the one of the company? Can you give the URL and then might be able to get an idea of its worth.
Cheers all - took a while to find the thread again - its travelled around a bit :-)

The domain is basically the 1st 4 letters of my postcode & the company name is the same 4 letters.

So if I lived in Woolwich my postcode would be SE18 the doamain [url][/url] & the comany called SE18. (I dont live in Woolwich btw!).

I havent the foggiest how much would be a fair figure to put on it.

I know I should have registered [url][/url] when I had the chance :-)
If you PM me the URL I can appraise it for you
pm sent - thanks Starlet

I know I should have registered [url][/url] when I had the … I know I should have registered [url][/url] when I had the chance :-)

I'm thinking of registering google domains in countries where there aren't enough computer users yet to warrant a google site.

wouldnt that be cyber squatting? i'm not clear how that all works
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