Selling a Hoxton Hotel Booking. urgent help needed

    Hi, i ended up getting a Hoxton hotel room but unfortunately the families plans changed and now I wont be able to go. Booking is in the next few days. (Annoying thing about advance bookings- no refund or change the date of booking option)
    I have never used Hoxton hotels- all I got was a few details in my email with a confirmation number.
    Is the confirmation number the only thing needed to go to the Hoxton hotel?
    If so I am thinking of selling the room on eBay.
    Has anyone ever sold a Hoxton room without any problems?
    With Travelodge rooms- all you need is the confirmation number and the name of person who booked.
    Would really appreciate help on this matter, otherwise its money down the drain for me I guess



    They may ask for your passport, but they definitely ask for your name and not your confirmation number. I have a feeling you won't be able to sell it at such short notice, who's going to risk going all the way to London only to be turned away at the desk because they aren't you?

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    thanks for that. i was really hoping it was like travelodge bookings, very easy to transfer those if you have to. o well, thanks anyway

    Try and sell it on ebay.

    But if you do, mention that there will be a risk.

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    just to let everyone know
    it is even easier to resell a hoxton room than a travelodge room
    all they asked for was my name
    did not even ask for my confirmation number, or my id, or anything what so ever. simply whats your name and here your key enjoy your stay.
    anyone could have gone
    very very good hotel i must say
    and freindly staff could not be better
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