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    Hi, can anyone tell me the best shop or website to sell phones to please as i have an iphone i no longer need. Thanks


    what kind of iPhone as you will most likely get the most from private sale but newer models will get a decent return to a shop. . older ones less so..

    not eBay! if you are not very careful then you will get scammed!

    as above old iPhones are not worth so much now - newer ones are

    safest bet is somewhere like CEX

    you could try Gumtree but only do face to face cash sale

    or you could try on here in FS/FT but also can be risky as a new seller here


    Gumtree,Spock or Facebook market on none of them you have to pay any fees

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    Its an iPhone 5c. I would usually use Cex but when my husband went to trade his xbox in (it had no problems he just decided he wanted the one s) Cex tested it and said it was broken and wouldn't work and turns out they damaged the hdmi so I'm worried the same would happen if i took the phone in
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