selling a phone on a contract

Found 18th Nov 2017
just wondering if anyone knows whether a device on a contract can be sold to cex/game or if they check on their database & would effectively not take it as see it as being "listed"
i ask bc there's contract deal on a phone with a pretty good plan but i dont really want the device & can get a fair price for it at cex & game (enough so that it makes it worth getting the contract & selling the device just to keep the contract for the sim plan).
But i know from talking to game previously (not sure about cex) they run through data bases to make sure the phone isnt lost/stolen/blacklisted/barred & i think any outstanding finance but i could be wrong.... because i spoke to one network provider & they said that they would not block a device on contract that stopped being payed they'd only block the sim,so i'm not sure why game/cex etc would need to worry if this is true?
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With EE, I can’t comment on other networks, the phone is their property for the first 6 months and technically can’t be sold during that time, and are registered as having a financial interest if you run a checkmend report on it.
What if you didn't pay the contract, couldn't EE brick it ?
Darzen6 h, 11 m ago

What if you didn't pay the contract, couldn't EE brick it ?

They sure will (not could, will), been doing that for a while now due to high levels of fraud.
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