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Found 30th Oct 2017

Like many others, this site has made me buy stuff which I don't necessarily need.

Over tha past few years, I have accumulated some stuff - mainly computer related which I haven't had the chance to use. Not bulk purchased; just one item with the intention of using.

So for example, I have two brand new motherboards which I haven't used.

When people buy stuff, would I need to provide copies of receipts? How does the manufacturer's warranty work, or is there simply no warranty?

I haven't sold anything in the past, but figured it's now causing clutter and taking up space with stuff I'll probably never open / use.

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Not turning this info a for sale thread, but what mobo's you got out of interest? I think most people would buy on trust or with a photo of it running?
A lot of warranties are not transferable.
Old tech not worth much.
No need to provide anything when selling - except the item.
Check Gumtree, use google, and ebay sold listings to see what similar items go for.
Thanks for the comments and soory for no reply.

Just a couple of older motherboards, one for AM3+
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