selling an xbox, how much u think i could get?

    getting rid of my xbox 360 because i want to buy a new one on july 16th, have a person at work interested in buying my old one and i said £80 but im thinking im asking too little

    its a 60gb xbox 360 (originally 20gb but i upgraded) with one controller, its one of the first so theres no hdmi output at the back. headset. going to lump in Forza 3 into the deal too. Ive asked £80 for it. is that too little or too much.


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    Too much tbh.

    i agree too much

    If you traded it in would you get the price for a 60GB or a 20GB?
    Either way, £80 is more than you would get - £60 off a new one for a 60GB, so £80 is a very good deal.

    Yeah I agree with the others, too much as I just bought one on here for £55 including controller and a few games.

    take your 80 lids as fast as you can mate
    when the new 360 comes out you will be lucky to get a bullseye for it

    There's loads of second-hand X-Box 360's going around places like Cash Converters and Cash Generators.I wouldn't buy a second-hand console myself, incase it had been chipped or banned from using it online.

    I've seen them priced between 29.99(without leads) to 99.99 with leads and up to a 120gb Hard Drive.So £50 to £70 for what you're selling would be reasonable.

    too much imo

    Too much, if he's offering then take it. ARGOS are selling 120g Elites with 2 pads and a few games for £150!

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    i have that game too burnout and trivial pursuit though. just pre ordered the new one today for 189 from amazon
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