Selling Blu-rays to CEX?

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Found 7th Feb 2011
THinking of sending off some things to them ( via special delivery, as I have quite a few to sell )
However, I was wondering what they were like to deal with..
I would do it in store, but annoyingly Bradford never have cash.

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Swings and roundabouts, you take your chances with Cex if sending in online. If you are dead lucky they will receive your package and process it the same day and you’ll receive payment a few days later. However you could get hit with them claiming that you haven’t sent in what your order is for (them stealing your items), they can claim not to receive your parcel and mess you about for weeks on end, they never respond to emails and you end up having to threaten them with legal action before they actually pull their finger out.

Just have a read of some of the problems people have when selling to them on their Facebook page.…223
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