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Found 2nd Aug 2009
I'm thinking of selling a selection of books.. Is £2.25 per paperback and £3.5 per hardback fair ??

How much does P&P work out at ??

Any Advice is welcome !!

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Depends upon book. Paperbacks are about 20p each at our local car booty.
Postage will be about £2 for a paperback methinks.

You can get books new from £3.99 at the local supermarkwt
Not when you can get excellent books in Pilgrims hospice book shop some like new for 50p---£2.00.

Donate them to a good charity.:thumbsup::):gift::santa:
Some hard back books might be £4 or more to send in post,think if it's really heavy and like bigger,like say the size of something like Guiness Book of Records,they really huge books,so if really thick too,thats when it could start costing more.
Depending where you sell at,you may face limits on how much postage the maximum you can charge,I been selling a few kids books and maximum I can charge is £2.75,luckily this been enough,Amazon marketplace as their own set prices too.

Can't really advise what to sell your books for as some may fetch more than others,some you might not even get 1p and postage for,books vary.
Did you write the book:thinking:
As above, postage varys and price you can ask really does tend to depend on the title, and the condition.
try auction sites i bought a few there- if really good and popular

Thanks for the replies.
I've over 100 books, It would be nice to get something for them..

There all in good condition.

Author TitleAndy McNab Bravo Two Zero Andy McNab Last Light Andy … Author TitleAndy McNab Bravo Two Zero Andy McNab Last Light Andy McNab Chrisis Four Andy McNab Firewall Andy McNab Liberation Day Andy McNab Aggressor Andy Remic Spiral Bruce Lee Fighting Spirit * Chris Moyles The Gospel According to Chris Ryan Greed Chris Ryan The Increment Chris Ryan The Watchman Chris Ryan Tenth Man Down Chris Ryan Zero Option Chris Ryan The Hit List Chris Ryan Blackout Chris Ryan Stand By, Stand By Chris Ryan The one that got away Chris Ryan Land of Fire Chris Ryan The Kermlin Device Chris Ryan Ultimate Weapon Chris Ryan Strike Back Cody McFadyen Shadow Man Cody McFadyen The Face of Death Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code Dan Brown Digital Fortress Dan Brown Angels and Deamons Dan Brown Deception Point David Baldacci Total Control Duncan Flaconer The Operative Duncan Flaconer The Hijack Duncan Flaconer The Hostage Duncan Flaconer First into Action Eric Morecambe Unseen Frank Skinner Frank Skinner Gerald Seymour Holding the Zero Gordon Ramsay Humble Pie Jack Handerson Maximum Impact Jack Higgins The Killing Ground James Barrington OverkillJames Barrington Pandemic James Follett Swift James Patterson Along Came a Spider (1992) James Patterson Kiss the Girls (1994) James Patterson Jack and Jill (1996) James Patterson Cat and Mouse (1997) James Patterson Pop! Goes the Weasel (1999) James Patterson Roses Are Red (2000) James Patterson Violets Are Blue (2001) James Patterson Four Blind Mice (2002) James Patterson The Big Bad Wolf (2003) James Patterson London Bridges (2004) James Patterson Mary Mary (2005) * James Patterson Cross (2006) * James Patterson Double Cross (2007) James Patterson 1st to Die (2001) James Patterson 2nd Chance (2002) (with Andrew Gross) James Patterson 3rd Degree (2004) (with Andrew Gross) James Patterson 4th of July (2005) (with Maxine Paetro) James Patterson The 5th Horseman (2006) (with Maxine Paetro) James Patterson The 6th Target (2007) (with Maxine Paetro) James Patterson The Angel Experiment (2005) James Patterson School's Out-- Forever (2006) James Patterson Saving the World: And Other Extreme Sports (2007) James Patterson The Final Warning (2008) James Patterson The Beach House James Patterson Judge & Jury James Patterson Lifeguard James Patterson Black Market James Patterson When the wind blows James Patterson The Lake House Jason Pinter The Mark Jeff Abbott Run Jeff Abbott Fear Jeremy Clarkson The world according to Clarkson John Case The Genesis Code John Hart Down River John Nichol Vanishing PointKarin Slaughter Blindsighted (2001) Karin Slaughter Kisscut (2002) Karin Slaughter A Faint Cold Fear (2003) Karin Slaughter Indelible (2004) Karin Slaughter Faithless (2005) Karin Slaughter Triptych Karin Slaughter Skin Privilege Kathryn Fox Without Consent Kathryn Fox Skin and Bone* Kathy Reichs Bones to Ashes Mark Bowden Black Hawk DownMichael Asher The Real Bravo Two Zero P.J Tracy Want to Play? (2003) P.J Tracy Live Bait (2004) P.J Tracy Dead Run (2005) P.J Tracy Snow Blind (2006) Peter Kay The Sound of Laughter Phillip Margolin Omnibus - The Associate / The Last Innocent Man Raymond Khoury The Last Templar Richard Montanari The Rosary Girls (2005)Richard Montanari The Skin Gods (2006)Richard Montanari Broken Angels (2007) Robert Ludlum The Bourne Identity Robert Ludlum The Bourne Supremacy Robert Ludlum The Bourne Ultimatum Robert Ludlum The Bourne Legacy (Eric Van Lustbader) Robert Ludlum The Hades Factor Robert Ludlum The Moscow Vector Robert Ludlum The Parsifal Mosaic Robert Ludlum The Bancroft Startegy Robert Ludlum The Altman Code Robert Ludlum The Sigma Protocol Robert Ludlum The Lazaruz Vendetta Robert Ludlum The Scorpio Illusion Robert Ludlum The Cassandra Compact Robert Ludlum The Paris Option Robert Ludlum The Chancellor Manuscript * Robert Ludlum The Arctic Event (James Cob) Robin Horsfall Fighting Scared Robin Hunter True Stories of the SAS * Russell Brand My Booky Wook Sam Bourne The Last Testament Sam Bourne The Righteous Men Sidney Sheldon The Doomsday Conspiracy Simon Kernick The Business of Dying (2002) Simon Kernick The Crime Trade (2004) Simon Kernick A Good Day to Die (2005) Simon Kernick Relentless (2006)Sue Grafton A is for Alibi Sue Grafton B is for Burglar Tess Gerritsen Bloodstream

None of those are jumping off the page as overly valuable.

Crime thriller paperbacks tend to stick around the 50p-£2 in charity shops, after postage it probably isnt worth selling unless in bulk using a cheap courier.
Might be worth highlighting any first edition hardbacks, if in good nick that'll add a small premium.
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