Selling car on behalf of sister - advice wanted.

Found 20th Jul 2010
My sister is moving abroad for a few years and if she doesn’t sell her car before she goes at the end of the month she’s asked me to sell it for her.
It’s currently registered in her name and she is the original owner so it would be preferable to keep it in her name.
But I live 200 miles away so I’m wondering how practical it would be for me to sell it considering it’s registered in another name at an address so far away!
Is the only option for her to transfer it into my name first?
How quickly do the DVLA handle transfers these days?
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As long as you have the V5, surely you can explain to a prospective buyer that you are selling on behalf of your sister? Does you both have the same surname?
Get her to sign the V5 and also to give you a signed letter of authority, that way you can show prospective buyers the paperwork and they'll also be able to send off the V5 to the DVLA to transfer it to themselves once they've bought it.

Alternatively you could transfer it to your name if it doesnt sell quickly, it will then show 2 owners instead of just the one but it wont really make much difference to the value - depending on what car it is ! If you do send off the V5 yourself it doesnt usually take more than a week or two to come back - but they have been known to take longer occasionally.

Also dont forget if the car is kept on the road you will need to make sure it's still insured and taxed right up until the new owners collect it. If it's off the road you must tell them on a SORN form asap or they will fine you (actually your sis if its still regd in her name at that time !).

She doesn’t have the same surname as me.
I think I’ll get a photocopy of her passport and birth certificate along with a covering letter from her which should help.
I can also get my parents marriage certificate which tallies with the details on her birth certificate.
If that doesn’t suffice then nothing will.
Anyone spending £6,000 on a private car purchase should get it checked for authenticity anyway which will clear it for most issues.
Thanks for the replies.
Plenty of cars for sale. If I had any doubt, I'm sorry to say I'd walk away
If this was the other way round i'll bet everyone would say don't buy it!

Best thing would be transfer into your name if you can't find a buyer who will take it
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