Selling Cex Vouchers

Posted 14th Dec 2017
Does anyone know what the rules are when selling a Cex voucher that has your name on it to someone else? Can they use it with no issues?
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You have to have a seller account. The give you a unique key fob. You can either have cash in your hand or they put it onto your account. They don't ask for photo i.d. To open the account or when using vouchers
Its a tricky one, I have thought if thus in past but it doesn't seem easy. I wish I had taken cash instead of voucher from cex.

The voucher is linked with your membership so buyers might not feel comfortable. On the other hand the buyer can claim it did not work so there is that risk.

I wish cex had something in place that alowed us to convert the vouchers to cash.

I have a voucher I am stuck with and there is nothing I want to buy from cex yet.
Still looking for an answer to the specific question of whether someone else can buy an exchange voucher with my account name on it and spend with confidence that’s all they need..
Yes they can
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