Selling Clothes Tips

    I have a number of clothes I want/need to rid of, some still have tags on, some worn once or twice.

    I have listed some on ebay but they don't sell... some of the brand names have many items listed on ebay and so i assume this is why its harder to sell them?

    Does anyone know the best place to sell clothes?



    eBay is flooded with this sort of sale. All you can do is start with a low price, a good picture and a honest and discriptive text. Are you selling wholesale or individual items?

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    Thanks for reply, the stuff would be sold seperately... I do have a carrier bag though made up of some items too though.

    I might have a go at the Boot Sale seeing as ebay isn't giving me good results


    If its anything designer,because eBay been flooded with fakes a lot of people are reluctant to bid/buy.
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