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Found 14th Apr 2011
Im off tomorrow to try and sell my boxed ps3 but im curious t know whether or not to expect any messing about with regards to the accessories which it clearly shows come with the ps3 on the box.

I no longer have the original manual or the av cable so will they still pay the price they quote on their website or are they going to reject it?
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Will class it as a discounted one i think!
As long as you have an official controller, and it all works, Try to get in early, but be aware that CEX works like the following:

They get a cash budget at the start of the week, and when that runs out, then they don't do any more cash until the following week.

They can be pretty petty, in my experience, at CEX, but official controller and working console should do it!

Cheers, FFO
You could not get an A rating from CEX even if you bought something new from a shop and walked straight to CEX to trade it in.

It would be much simpler in CEX if they had a flip sign on the wall behind the counter saying if they had cash or not so I don't spend twenty minutes waiting in line just to be rebuffed.
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