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Posted 5th Oct
I just bought the Gears 5 Xbox and got Gears 1-5 download codes. I already own all of these so wondering where's the best place for selling digital codes. I've heard the dark side of ebay so it gives me the fear. Anyone know anywhere that has a good reputation?
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Avforums matey
sohailh198405/10/2019 20:49

Avforums matey

Watch out for any members on there newly joined, and/or don't have good and lengthy feedback numbers for buying/selling. There have been lots of recent scams there involving buying/selling game codes unfortunately, just check the 'Disputed Classifieds' forum
Thanks! I'll take a look and see if I can shift them there
As frog100 says. Prepare to send before payment but only to members with 40+ feedback.
Best place for buying and selling was once on here.. FSFT.. RIP
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