Selling expensive item on eBay I want to protect myself!

Posted 22nd Feb 2023
First time selling on eBay and I am selling something expensive (not electronics) and I want to protect myself if seller do something scummy like item is broke, not as described, does not work, brick in box etc etc. I see so many horror stories on eBay and I want to know how to deal when it comes to that! Does anyone have any good tips? Appreciate everyone's help!
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    Never thought of checking buyers feedback on other sellers. Good tip!
    It's unfortunate but being a good seller is being part detective and part optimist. So believe in the system, protect yourself but be ready to call scumbags on their BS! (edited)
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    Make item collection only. Cash on collection, and items sold as seen. (edited)
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    Exactly....if someone wants it they will travel.
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    If you’re determined to sell on eBay then set the item as buy it now with an inflated price but accept offers over £x amount. That way you can filter out the good buyers from the potential bad.

    Btw, have you bought on eBay before so have some feedback built up? Conversely, if I’m a buyer I’d be wary of a first time seller.
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    Here is the best advice you will ever get.
    Don’t sell on eBay.
    Next week you will back on here saying I think I’ve been scammed etc.
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    Yes I use Facebook cash collection all the time but the item I'm selling now is popular on eBay
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    People probably will be cautious of buying an expensive item from someone who hasn't sold previously
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    I wouldn't start selling on eBay with an expensive item just to avoid the stress.
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    Yep. Sell a few cheaper items first. As well as getting some experience you’ll (hopefully) get some positive feedback as a seller making it easier to sell expensive items later. eBay will also probably put a hold on releasing your funds for first few things you sell. (edited)
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    make sure you put insurance on the item, if you are posting..

    and block bidders with less than a certain amount of feedback, and never sell to 0 feedback buyers, or anyone who wants you to send it to Nigeria..

    when I was selling Xbox One’s, I met people at motorway services, at buyers request, usually it was a ‘i can’t travel that far, can you meet halfway’?
    but always in view of CCTV
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    Buy it now price (with offers) only accept offers from users with lots of positive feedback
    Cash on collection only
    Get them to check anything before taking it away
    And remember 99% of people on eBay are lovely. It's very rare to have a negative transaction if you're sensible.
    I have even trusted a few people to take expensive things away (£500) and pay the following day, although I wouldn't recommend it usually.
    Be totally honest in the description

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    Don't do it, I take the hit and sell locally. 

    Way too many scammers, jokers etc.
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    Video Record the condition, packing and sending of the parcel.
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    Never ever sell expensive item on Ebay unless it is cash on collection or bank transfer. You may have sold many many items previously but only takes one scam using Paypal etc to lose the money. They will claim that there was nothing in the box or it is faulty etc. Is it really worth it. Sell it on FB, Gumtree or Shpock with cash on collection only.
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    If it's popular on eBay it will be popular on other sites like Marketplace, gumtree, nextdoor (or whatever it's called). Just look at marketplace sold items and see what the selling point is compared to eBay.
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    Also photograph your completed item in its postage packing with your address labels and tracking information. I always add photograph to message advising that i have sent item! This also helps in a claim if it gets damaged or lost.
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    I've sold about 200 items on eBay, only had issues with 2, one of which was because the item must have already been defective.

    Depends what you mean by "expensive" and what item you are selling, I've sold stuff for 400 there before and it was fine, just sent it out special delivery on that occasion which meant the postage insurance was correct.

    Does your item have a serial number? Is it something that won't break in transit?

    If you're particularly worried you can just ask the buyer collects, in which case you scan a code in the app when they collect to record they've picked up, that way they can't falsely claim that they've been scammed.

    However in my experience this is unlikely. Thr thing that is more frequent and happened to me a few times is a buyer will win an auction then not contact you/pay, and you'll have to wait a few days to cancel and relist, annoying but not the end of the world.
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    I use market place on fb and it’s always cash n collection! I’ve had a few asking me to send etc but refused. To many scammers now
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    I've changed my view completely on eBay recently, having been scammed this year as both a buyer and a seller with eBay (and PayPal) "protections" turning out to be totally worthless. Think I'll give up on it totally this year.
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