Selling Guidance on a Panasonic NV-MS5 Video Camera

Found 9th Oct 2008
Hi i have a Panasonic NV-MS5 and i wanted to know how much i should sell it for. It's one of those old ones that record to VHS but it was very expensive at the time and still records in very high quality and brings out a certain type of quality that camera's now can't, e.g. it's really good for flashbacks. However i don't have a battery or charger for it, the battery would probably cost £20 for whoever bought it and the charger would cost them £15-£20.
So how much should i sell it for, it's just the camera, suitcase, some av cables and NO battery and NO charger.
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If you are not using it and really wanting to sell it,stick it on evilbay at 99p with no reserve. It will go for what people think it's worth. If you do,send me a link :thumbsup:
yea i was going to do that, but i wanted to know the amount it's worth first. Also i would start it at a minimum of £100
takes 2 secs to see theres one on ebay BIN for £230 its been relisted from a higher price.

only other similar one that sold is an MS1 that sold for £80
I hear you,but I've been using Ebay for 7 years...It doesn't matter what anyone has bought or sold anything for previously as it is good weeks bad weeks on Ebay,so there is no set price. If you are asking for advice,and want to sell the item before Christmas, I would put it on at 99p with no reserve,list it in a couple of catagories,and offer worldwide shipping. Yes,you are taking a bit of a chance,but you will be guaranteed a sale,and you will get what it's worth as far as the market is concerened. It is a good camera,but it is a few genrations old in regards to camcorders. I have an HD video camera and there are probably quite a few others who have mini DV etc. who will want to upgrade,as oppossed to buying old technology. So,you don't use it and want to sell it,stick it on for 99p. You want to start it at £100 with reserve not met for a week,you might get a few bids,or you might be sitting in the same position a week from now :whistling:
how does starting it at 99p and £100 make a difference?
It's the whole evilbay thing. Some people like bidding on stuff,like a substitute for gambiling with the chance of winning something you may or may not need. Obviously,if the thing you are selling is worth £5000,then starting at £100 or 99p makes no big difference,but realistically, when there is no guarantee on what you are selling, eg. second hand consumer electronics, then if you start it at 99p more people will click on it,and more people will add it to their watch list with the possibility of them bidding... Say for talking sake something you are selling goes for £150 on a "good week" and £62 on a "bad week" (meaning that the price varies from week to week like every item sold on ebay does) starting it at 99p is going to make it attractive to all, starting it at £100 is going to put all the people who had been watching and possibly bidding on a "bad week" one previously off, because if it is starting at £38 more than the one I got outbid on last week then I am not going to watch it or bid on it...I will just wait for another to come up for sale...This theory (mine) applies to things that come on sale every now and then,and will not,or is not the first one for sale (no Jimmy Hendrix's first guitar if you see what I mean!) so there is no desperate need to bid and bid and bid and pay over the odds (good week for seller,bad for buyer) This is just what I have seen over the years of using evilbay. All you really need is 2 people wanting what you are selling and they will keep bidding against each other,or try and snipe it at the last minute...I have seen many items, guitars, computers, camcorders etc. nearly double in price in the last 2 minutes. It is not what you start it at,it's what it finishes at :thumbsup:
thanks for the advice!
YVW. Rep much? :whistling:
I left it.
TY :thumbsup:
Hi, do you still have the Panasonic NV-MS5 and does it work properly? I have the necessary batteries/charger. We just may be able to do business........please get back to me, thanks.
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