Selling Laptop - Best to split or sell as it is?

    My Mum's Toshiba laptop had a fault with the hard drive so that was removed. She now has a new laptop and i was wondering if it's best to sell the laptop as it is (inc memory etc) or to break it down and sell bits sep?

    Anyone know what will give best return? I don't mid the time of taking to bits and sending separatly, but didn't know if that was the best option.



    Probably depends the spec / model of laptop .

    If the laptop is fully functional apart from a missing hard drive then I'd definitely sell it as a complete unit as in most cases a buyer could easily and cheaply buy a replacement hard drive and get the machine up and running. If you think it's something more serious as a motherboard fault then I'd still try selling it a complete unit as someone may want it to pick apart themselves, you can then see if anyone is also intersted in any parts from it. If you get enough interest for parts then you can consider breaking the machine down.


    Stick a cheap hard drive in reload windows and sell as going. Parts? There is not much to take out and sell and if yoiu do strip it all to bits who is likely to want them when you can buy one for a couple of hundred! Good Luck

    If only the hard drive failed, then just replace it with a cheap one on ebay and reinstall windows. Best shot get getting the best value this way.
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