Posted 7th Mar 2023
Anyone know of anywhere to sell a laptop these days eBay has too many scammers I’ve tried gumtree and shpock but doesn’t seem to have the market there
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  1. notalwaysright19's avatar
    Facebook marketplace all the way
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    Ye I sold £350 laptop few months ago and a £1500 laptop last month both gone within a week but suspect area is a factor but definitely good reach for local area

    Note scams or time wasters can be an issue but if your smart and use common sense it's a useful tool
  3. TrolleyDolly18's avatar
    It's a tricky one, that Adam. So much that can go wrong, especially if postage is involved.

    I think eBay own Gumtree, so expect the same (zero) CS from the THREE WISE monkeys of either site, both turning a blind eye to scammers, with eBay's "cut"? being via the FVF, so the higher the selling price, the bigger eBay's cut.
    It's AKA "how eBay rips off the honest buyer"
    Assisting in the ripping off of the seller, by pandering to lying thieving "buyers" , in so doing, it (eBay) has both its cheeks well and truly covered.

    Bottom line?
    Never never NEVER sell anything on either site yer nor prepared to GIVE away, and (to add insult to injury) PAY p+p for the privilege, and (as a bidder/buyer) always check if the other "bidders" have a history of bidding/retracting in the auctions of the seller of an item of interest TO YOU Other than that, it's ALL good
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