Selling my Iphone 3G whats it worth?

    Selling my Iphone 3G whats it worth?

    Getting Iphone 4 and I know its probably been asked a million gazillion times on here but just wondering whats its worth on here and I will then list to sell it if worth it.


    What size memory and condition?

    Most likely between £170 - £220 depending on this ^^


    well there is enough on hukd already for sale, so go see what they are fetching, otherwise check out ebay

    Up to about £200 depending on capacity, condition etc.

    i heard mazuma mobile will give £183 for it.

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    Its an 8GB and in very good condition as its been kept in a case the whole time.


    in before "tree fiddy" comments..

    Tree fiddy five.

    Are you interested in selling?

    Tell u something, watch selling it on ebay, I forgot about my 3GS on there and its brand new, sold for £295. Could have got more I think.
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