Selling my new 3ds on the eBay, do pre installed games disappeared with a factory reset

Found 14th Apr 2017
Hiya, I'm selling a new 3ds monster Hunter ultimate edition, the monster Hunter game is 'pre installed' when I factory reset the console and delete my account info from it will the game disappear?

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The game is tied to your NNID if you linked it. Make sure to factory reset and delete your eshop account. So if you do all that it will delete the game too sadly.
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Okay mate cheers.
Yes, the game will be deleted. If you are buying another 3DS you are best doing a system transfer before you sell it.
I sold my Mario Kart 3ds recently and I reset the console everything got wiped. Then I went to in to the nintendo store and was able to download Mario Kart again with no Nintendo Id, I think the pre installed game is linked to the serial no. of the 3ds.
I had to do this recently.

Firstly always make sure you take a pic of the 3DS serial number of the one your selling.

If you have ever signed into the 3DS with a NNID then its linked to your account AND only for use on that 3DS.

If you have never signed in with a NNID then a factory reset will mean the game can be redownloaded from the store on that console.

Caution- Only ever delete a NNID if your prepared to never have access again i.e. You lose all purchased content and the account is gone without any possible way of getting it back.
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