selling my nitendo wii

    can any1 help i am thinking of selling my nitendo wii i was wondering how much i should sell it for it is in the box that it came in it has 2 wireless controllers and 1 nunchuck plus i will be selling it with 4 games wii sports,wii play,red steel,zelda twilight princess i hope you can help thx:thumbsup:


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    Original Poster

    i have now had a nitendo wii since i came out i now have no time for it anymore and have reasonly got a xbox 360 i would like to no how much to sell it for can any1 help i will be selling the console in the box with 2 wireless controllers 1 nunchuk and 4 games which are zelda twilight princess wii sports wii play and red steel or should i sell everything seperate thxs for reading :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    plus all games are in gd conditions only been played on a few times

    [SIZE=2]probably about 200-240 mark i expect. Maybe slightly more.[/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    thxs for that chris206 i will take that price in to account have u seen any go on hukd with 4games if so how much where they up for

    Original Poster

    plus thx rayman will let u no if i do decide on a price

    How much are you looking for?
    Does it have any warranty/guarantee left?
    Do you have the original receipt?
    Do you have an ebay account and a Paypal Account?
    Any pictures?

    Original Poster

    i can get pics i no longer have the reciepts i a getting a paypal account this weekend and i think i am looking for around £210-£230

    Original Poster

    i will upload some pics

    i'd sell everything separate personally, but it's a fair deal if you really haven't played it much

    Original Poster

    thanks for that insanity i have posted them both seperatly and will see 2moro weather i should sell it all seperate

    Please only post in the For Sale or Trade forum when you know how much you're willing to accept. Thanks

    I would be willing to buy one wii remote and a couple of games, i reckon you'll make more like that anyways...if you do decide to do that please let me know

    thank you
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