Selling my old iPhone... Advise needed please

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Found 17th May 2011
I have an iphone 3gs 16gb for sale, its not in the best condition as there is a small crack at the back of the case near the charging bit and the top right power button doesn’t work.
I'm gonna sell it to one of the online mobile buying coys. I've checked best prices on MSE although main concern is if the coy becomes ackward and offer me less than the stated price.
Cashinmyphone £163.84, Envirofone £156.04, others include  fone bank,  love 2 recycle, mazuma mobile phone xchange

Any recommedations????


You need advice, not 'advise'

Why can't people only post if they actually have something decent to say?

I have never heard of the 1st one, many people might of though. My sister dealt with Envirophone and they were great, She also dealt with Mazuma mobile, She sold her Iphone to Mazuma as it was the better rate going then.

Wouldn't you get more selling privately and were those quotes including the faults you have listed?


try this site and get the best price - then check cashback sites before you go ahead

Original Poster

Beth totally agree. Too many trolls on Internet.

Thanks for input.

Greg think private sale like eBay is asking for trouble given buyers ability to charge back

How about on here then?



Beth totally agree. Too many trolls on Internet.

Couldn't agree more. By the way, it's awkward.

The crack you speak of is a known design fault. I would make an appointment at Apple and see what they say. You would stand a good chance of getting a new re-conditioned phone. I know at least five people who have done this (none were knocked back)
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