Selling my phone…ed/

    This person has added me on messenger and is after buying my mobile...
    What should i do?
    Hes offerd asking price via Bank transfer


    Go with what your gut is telling you, do you want the money or the chance that he could try and pull something and leave you out of pocket.

    id steer well clear

    Original Poster

    Yes going to hold out till wednesday and then probs ebay it if it doesnt go on here


    id steer well clear

    Me too, just not worth the risk

    what's the guys name on hukd and messenger as if it's who I think it is then it's a scam

    Don't part with the phone until you have the Money in your Hand/Bank account with ANYONE you don't personally know...

    If they are willing to do a Bank Transfer let them do it then send the phone - if they come up with excuses simply say no Money no Phone.
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