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Selling my TV a buyer wants to pay using that dodgy?

I have sold my old TV on Facebook marketplace .the person who wants to buy it wants to know my PayPal details. I said to come and have a look at it first if they want. They haven't said if they will yet. But if they pay me via PayPal then come and collect the TV. Can you reverse payment on it or not ?
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    52740726-7LUJn.jpgThis was the message thread. Is it dodgy or not you think lol ?
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    "I am interested in this """""ITEM"""""

    Anyone who writes """ITEM""" it is a scam. 100%. No need for me to look further than that
  2. sleepingwonder's avatar
    lol phew thanks. i looked at his profile and he looks a bit scummy

    he hasnt replied to my pay for cash preferable and hes seen the message so i guess he was iffy (edited)
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    Looks don't decide who is a scammer. The messages however made it obvious.
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    As all the above answers, tell anyone cash on collection is the only option you accept.

    Just ignore them if they carry on saying my brother/sister/best mate/I'll send a taxi/PayPal/bank transfer/any other b###ocks whatsoever, stick to that and you'll be fine
  4. sleepingwonder's avatar
    what do you think he would have done if i was to proceed with the sale and had given him my paypal. just so i can be aware for the future

    looks like we posted at the same time ha (edited)
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    Basically they ask for your email address directly rather just PayPal link.
    That way a fake email will arrive to your email.
    They then ask you to check, by clicking on their link. you input your paypal log in which is then stolen and your account is used to buy stuff.
  5. bozo007's avatar
    If it is collection, then cash only. PayPal accounts have been hacked and if you face a reversal, you have zero protection. In the case of eBay, seller protection helps you if you can prove delivery; in person, there is no proof. People rant about eBay fees but a small part of the fee is basically insurance. (edited)
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    Yes dodgy

    I cant pick it up myself but a third party can - Check

    Pay by paypal - Check

    Run away!
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    Why do they say "I'll send xyz to collect.." though? I thought the scam went:

    1) Send payment by PayPal
    2) Collect TV
    3) Bit later claim not sent/posted etc.
    4) Get PayPal refund

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    The "I'll send xyz to collect.." scam is normally where they say they will arrange a pre-paid courier to collect.

    Once you agree to this, they then say that you need to make a payment to cover the insurance.

    I suspect the claim that my brother will collect, is to lull you into agreeing and then, thereafter, saying he can't come but I really want the item so have arranged a courier.
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    Do cash on collection or dont sell. Safest option.
  9. sleepingwonder's avatar
    ok thanks ive asked for cash. but wouldnt using paypal be the same as using ebay!!?

    thanks im not savvy to know what tricks these people may use! (edited)
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    Paypal can be reversed. Simple as that.

    The reason it is a bit safer on ebay is that ebay check the buyer & record their history.

    And now that you have communicated with the seller & refused paypal then you can expect the same scam buyer to use their other facebook accounts to contact you with other identities trying to scam you in other ways.

    They might be genuine but I used to list a lot on facebook & not once did I have a genuine buyer asking to pay with paypal.
  10. sidhoooooo's avatar
    Facebook, shpock etc always cash on collection or better still ask them to meet in bank branch

    They'll probably try a fake PayPal receipt or ask you for friends/family payment method or something else ridiculous like courier delivery

    Its just not worth the grief
    Then you won't be posting on here in a months time saying you've been scammed and asking for advice
  11. bob9's avatar
    Can very easily be reversed, especially if its collected with no proof of delivery.

    Cash only for in person transactions is the rule.
  12. nintendofan10's avatar
    Of course they can.
    Cash is king! (edited)
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    I once had some scammer send me a alleged email from a bank saying that the payment was on hold unless I can verify it by sending them the gift card codes. Can't recall what I was selling now, they were going to pay me more then what I wanted for the item so that I can buy a few gift cards to bundle with the item as it was going to be a gift for a relative or something.
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    I think the last person could have been genuine.
    He asked the condition of the new phone I was selling and the best price
    Wanted me to post it
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    I just had a couple of people, interested , And when I mentioned cash on collection they immediately vanished
    But i'm sure there must be some people using paypal that are genuine
    Goods and services, with PayPal Would that work (edited)
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    Wrong unfortunately.

    Paypal can always be reversed.
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