selling on amazon

Hi just wondered whether anyone had done this ?
like everyone we have a load of dvds that I thought I might put on there but to me the scale of charges look rather expensive or am I miss reading


PlayTrade is cheaper.

i thought that too..i cant see it can be worth it..unless you make on the postage?

Although DVD's are not worth selling online after P&P. Better off taking them down a car boot for £2 each.

Always think amazon is cheaper than playtrade myself.

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I thought that but I saw a few on there that I had that were making a bit (if they sell)

Not only cheaper for me but i find my stuff on amazon sells at least twice as fast as, not surprising given the traffic their site generates.

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how much do amazon take off you for a dvd for example sells for £5

Amazon isn't cheap and for small items I wouldnt bother. As someone said earlier your better off trading them in or selling them in a boot sale
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