Posted 1st May 2021
Hi Guys

I’m abit out of sync with eBay not used it much for awhile.

During the week I got a message from eBay saying the way payments are received when you sell an item on eBay was changing.

Previously you would sell something and get paid via PayPal and the money would go straight into your PayPal account.
They asked me to set it so up so payments would go direct into my bank account (something about saving money on fees) - so I did it.

Anyway - yesterday I sold an item for £90.
It states in eBay that the “buyer has paid” - but there’s no new funds in my bank account and there’s no new funds in my PayPal.

Is there a new location where funds are held, as I don’t want to send the item off until I can physically see where the money actually is?

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