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Found 9th Jan
I sold a ps4 controller on ebay but the seller has not paid for 3 days I tried contacting buyer via ebay and had no reply from them at all sent 2 emails. how long do I have to wait til I can relist the item
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Go to the resolution center on “my eBay” open up an unpaid item case. eBay will guide you through the rest.
As above, you have to open up an unpaid item case otherwise you won't get your fees back. Open it and then you have to wait 4 days - if the buyer (he isn't the seller) doesn't pay you can close it and get your fees back, you are then free to sell it again. But block the first buyer from bidding again. He can't leave feedback for you if you close the unpaid case with no payment made.
Just realist it. I give up to a day before I realist if payment is not made.
From memory I think you have to wait 7 days! That is one of my biggest annoyances on ebay - when people bid and then don't pay! After 7 days the second bidder has often bought something else so is not interested in a second chance offer!
I sell a lot on eBay, I normally message the buyer after 3 days asking if they still want the item or not, if there's no response I just relist the item (don't bother with the resolution center) and move on.
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