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Selling on Gumtree a high value item, recieving money via Bank Transfer and then the buyer collecting

Posted 26th Aug 2011
My dad is selling a laptop on gumtree and someone phoned him tonight and offered him the asking price.

They said they planned to pay by bank transfer into his account (took his sortcode and account number) and then stated that after payment had been made they would call him and get a "friend" to collect from our local train station.

He phoned me after the conversation, obviously alarm bells ringing.

1. giving his bank details out
2. guy paying before collection (bit odd as my dad could be a scammer)
3. collection from train station.

Personally, having sold and bought hundreds of stuff online, when it comes to Gumtree, i see it purely as a cash on collection kind of bag.

I've suggested that as his account is one he was going to close down eventually anyway (basic account he never uses) that he closes it down tonight. That way, if the guy pays it will just be reversed and he can't set up any standing orders/direct debits with my dads account.

What possible scam could this guy be trying to pull if any? Obviously my dad would have checked the funds were ACTUALLY in his account before hand so fake emails or taking the dudes word for it would not have been an option.
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