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Found 24th Sep 2007
I just wanted to ask about paypal seller protection if i was to accept paypal payment for an item im selling on HUKD. As long as its a confirmed address and i followed their other checks would i be covered selling something privately like on this forum.

Also they say do not charge a surcharge - not saying i will but how would paypal know if i charged a surcharge selling privately (other than the buyer saying) - i see so many people adding 4% here so they cant be protected right?

I have ripped of by scammer/paypal once before when i was 18(naivety) and dont want it to ever happen again so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the link, although im still not sure on the surcharge bit. I cant charge a surcharge for seller protection, its just that i see everyone here doing so and thought i was missing something
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