Selling one blu ray disc from a box.. allowed or not?

    Basically I've bought a 3d blu ray, but it also contains the normal blu ray and a digital copy... is it against the rules to sell the normal blu ray on it's own in the fs/ft section?

    Obviously it would be made clear that it is just the disc etc


    Should be allowed, i am sure i've seen a few members sell their dvd copy after buying the blu ray/dvd versions.

    Original Poster

    Ah ok cool thanks, don't see the need for two copies!


    its not allowed as far as I know (cannot split bundles)


    Prohibited Trades. The following items must not be listed.
    *Medicines / Age Restricted Products
    *Copied Media
    *Console Cards / Pandora type batteries/PS3 Jailbreak Devices
    *Tobacco / accessories
    *Illegal Substances
    *Sexually Explicit Items
    *Non Transferable Items including Gaming/Adword Accounts
    *Items without an rrp, e.g. games marked as promo only or split bundles where no price comparison is valid.
    *Cable TV Boxes
    *Rail Tickets
    *Football Tickets
    *Vouchers with minimum spend, next to no resale value or available in electronic format only.
    *Currency / money exchange
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