Selling Phil and Teds Pram


    Im just looking at putting my P&T pram on here/ebay and have the following with it

    Doubles Kit
    2 x Doubles raincovers
    Car Seat Adapter
    Maxi Cosi Car Seat that attaches to the pram using the adapter
    Car Seat Base

    I'm trying to work out if its best to sell the car seat etc separately as i have never seen a bundle including a car seat on ebay. (Im not sure that many people know you can attach a car seat)

    Would be grateful of any advice!!


    try listing the whole set on here nothing to lose no costs! good luck:)

    Lots of people don't like buying secondhand car seats as you won't always be told/know if they have been in a crash which can make them unsafe, so that might be why thy get sold seperately.

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    Thanks for the advice, ill put it all on here and see what happens!
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