Selling phone on Gumtree (£400), buyer lives down south so is sending friend to collect- scam?

Found 8th May 2018
I'm selling my phone on gumtree, the buyer originally asked me to post it but I declined after many horror stories read. She then asked if her friend could pick it up which I thought would be a little suspicious being such a high value item.

She seems genuine over text so I've along with it but I have specified that I want cash on collection and that we would meet in my local bank branch so that I could get them to check the money and put it into my account. She agreed to all of this and has been asking some questions about the phone etc, her friend has also agreed to meet at the bank at midday (well before it closes).

So this is going ahead next week, is there anything that seems off are that indicates a scam? I can't think of how she could give me fake cash or bring people to mug me in the bank.
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Sounds like you have thought about it and like you say, you will be in a bank so cash etc will be fine, only thing they can do is not show.
Thanks for your reply, yeah I've tried to read about it as much as I can. The only thing I've been thinking is if the bank staff will be alright with me conducting a deal on the premises? It would be fair enough to say no, but I don't like the idea of doing it on the street outside. The bank isn't huge but maybe if I explain what I'm doing?
Does her friend live local and she's going to post it to her?
I assume so, she said she was from Essex and that her friend lives locally, I haven't asked how she would get it to her though.
You are super careful already, no one is gonna be able to scam you.
If it's gonna be cash on collection you have nothing to worry about.

Once they have the item paid in cash and left no recourse and if you meet in the bank surely they won't try and give you fake money.
Give "friend" a receipt for the money and get the "friend" to sign for the phone. Still sounds dodgy to me.
This will work well for both parties.
Thanks everyone for your replies, postmang what seems dodgy to you? I was unsure when she said her 'friend' as i'd want to see a phone in person before i payed for it, but then again it is cheap for the value of it and I'd probably trust someone to get it for me if I was getting a good deal.
Seller and buyer's buddy attend the same teller's window at bank. Seller directly indicates to the teller what account some cash should be paid into. Buyer's buddy pays cash into that specific account (seller is present to ensure no account switching). Teller confirms money has been stuffed into the account stipulated by seller. Seller hands phone to buyer's buddy. Any request for sale receipt is sorted immediately after, probably away from the teller's window. Seems reasonable.
Can't they pay by postal order? You cash them in at the post office and post the mobile phone recorded delivery?
Make sure that the cash is not fake.

Can't they pay by postal order? You cash them in at the post office and …Can't they pay by postal order? You cash them in at the post office and post the mobile phone recorded delivery?

You get fake POs.

The method being used here is the same one highly recommended when selling a car or other high value item. No reason why a phone should be any different.

If it is the OPs own bank, they could go in in advance and ask if it’s ok. Though the staff won’t care, it isn’t like customers expect to find one open these days.

OP make sure you keep a note of the original IMEI number and have address details of the buyer. If it goes sideways, you can at least block the phone and screw them over.
How could you block the phone with that information oneday? Is it with the IMEI number?
Your bank won't allow you to sell a mobile inside the premises. Take a friend with you, sell it directly outside of the bank and when viewing has finished ask her to step inside the bank. Personally I think you are worrying too much. If your mobile is very cheap then I'd ask my friend to view it and post it.

Last thing I would recommend is ask your buyer to video call her friend the condition of the mobile and say no returns
You are overthinking this.

It's a cash on collection transaction... they pay you, you verify money is genuine and nothing bad can happen afterwards lol. They have absolutely no recourse if it stops working after etc. No paypal to claim not as described.

It's a private sale on a sold as seen basis (this time an actual sold as seen, not like those people who wrongly use that on eBay where they buyer can't see anything in person) and if they find faults after too bad. They can't do anything after.

They have the time to examine everything BEFORE buying. You are also meeting in a public place so they won't even have your home address to bother you after.

I don't understand what other doubts you have about this... the only scam they can do on cash and collection is giving you fake money and you can easily verify that at the bank. Not sure why you would ever need to block the phone after as I don't know what sort of problem you think you might have once you got real money. In any case, yes you need the IMEI to blacklist the phone.
This is actually a reason for the buyer to not trust you lol... you could block the phone at any time as far as they know.

I sold my Apple Watch that I guess was worth more than your phone outside the local train station. Buyer was able to see it, examine it etc. I got the cash. Never seen or heard from her and the husband again. We only had each other's phone number. Of course I gave them a perfectly fine watch so they had no reason to complain about anything.
I chose to do it in a public place as then they can't threaten to come to my home or worse if they change their mind about the purchase etc. It was a precaution.
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Be ready for last minute bargaining especially if you are desperate to sell and the buyer's friend can see it.
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