Selling region 1 dvds

Posted 2nd Jan 2022
I've got a few region 1 dvds I was thinking of selling. Where's the best place to do this and are they really worth anything any more?
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    As above unless any are collectors items then IMO they'll worth less than region 2 so either sell as bundles and get lucky (seems no one wants dvds these days) or give away. (edited)
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    I have quite a few region 1 dvds in my collection from back in the day when we had a better exchange rates
    and postage from the states and Canada wasn't an arm and a leg
    I don't know why people worry about buying other region dvds it was a five minute fix to google your dvd player model
    and region free to bring up a simple code to type into your remote control and select region 0 (region free) on the menu
    and be easily able to bypass any region restrictions
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    Might be worth checking on a locked dvd player which ones will play on a UK region 2 player and which won't, then list accordingly on ebay, CEX won't take them, as they only buy UK and European releases. There is big value (£15 to £30) in some region 1 titles, out of print titles and so on, region 1 may also be uncut, as opposed to censored UK versions.
    Simple thing to do, check eBay (using the advanced tab) for sold prices of the same region 1 title, it will give you an idea if it is going to be worthwhile listing.
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    BillDoor Author
    I tended to buy the US ones as they were uncut. There used to be a site that compared all the regions and I bought according to which ones were best. Sad, I know!
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    Was that DC-DVD OR Store4?
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    You will find it difficult to get anything back on region 1 DVDs unless there is a specific demand for the titles in question. That's a good heads up from delpo about CEX not taking them - I'd assume Music Magpie won't accept them either. That leaves you with ebay or gumtree or some other platform. Also as delpo points out unless they are "special" out of print you'll not get mush more than 50p a disk.

    This is quite annoying news for me as well as I have a few thousand of them - I did manage to convince my missus to stop buying the Disney DVDs from the Disney store - nearly £20 a pop and they are still in the shrink wrap - I'll never see that money back! In fact I have stopped buying physical media now - I realised I had to do something after I got the 4k edition of Aliens and saw I had it in almost every other format (3 VHS versions, laserdisc, DVD, boxset, bluray, etc!) (edited)
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    I've sold a fair few to Music Magpie, Ziffit and WeBuyBooks. Get all the apps and try them all to see who will pay more.

    As mentioned before unless there is something special about it you won't get a lot for it. However if one of the above apps offers you a high amount it's a good indication you have something rare so might be then worth checking ebay sold listings.
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