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    I need some help on this.

    My nan bought a gas cooker from Euronics yesterday. She didn't do any research and just paid what they were asking. When I got home from work yesterday I checked the prices of other stores and she has overpaid by about £60. I have found that Comet have the same thing in stock in their store near us for about £50-£60 cheaper.

    Euronics do a price promise but she has already paid for the item. Does this mean we can't do anything about it? I have tried looking at the selling regulations but can't find anything about what her rights are as she has already paid for it.

    Can she cancel if she wanted to? If so, what is the time limit to do so?



    have you taken delivery yet .. if not cancel saying your gas fitter came to disconnect the old one and found that the gas supply was unsafe and has capped it off .... therefore you need to cancel and look into an electric one

    health and safety always wins

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    You need to do a check of the price promise conditions as to whether it's … You need to do a check of the price promise conditions as to whether it's their policy to match after purchase, nothing will be set in stone into selling regulations at all. It's down to the buyer to do their research first. The only thing you can do is ask Euronics themselves, nothing more than that:)

    Yeap, I have told her a million times. I even told her not to buy one until I had checked out prices of the ones she was interested in but she just went ahead anyway :x

    I am not sure of their price promise as it doesn't mention it on their website.

    If they do cause problems with this is she within her rights to cancel as she only ordered it yesterday (hasn't been delivered)

    pretty sure she doesn't have the right to cancel at all so be nice to euronics and they may play ball.

    Did she buy online or instore? If online she can cancel it

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    In store. We are going to go back and speak to them later. If they don't agree to drop the price then we will just cancel or wait for delivery and then cancel.

    Yeh I am sure they will cancel, good luck!
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