Selling rooted phone to Mazuma?

Found 3rd Apr 2012
As per thread title, about to send my old phone off to Mazuma today but I rooted it using the Unrevoked method. Currently trying to get it back to stock, but the method I'm using isn't currently working. I'm just wondering if anybody else has successfully sold a rooted Android phone to Mazuma, do they even care? The phone works just fine.
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I would expect the very first thing they do after receiving a handset is reset it back to stock using a cable and a computer to remove any personal information and branding.
I sold a rooted Galaxy S2 to em, and it went through fine.
We send a large number weekly and they don't care at all
As long as it powers and tests fine...it passes

I sold a rooted Galaxy S2 to em, and it went through fine.

Mine's currently running Cyanogen 7, so it's made obvious when you turn it on that it's rooted. Did you have a custom ROM?
Yeah mine was blatently different from stock.
I was a bit worried like you, but I really dont think they care. Just get rid of the yellow exclamation mark on boot up (if you haven't already), makes it a bit less obvious
Cheers Babbabooey, I got lucky though and stumbled upon my Micro SD card containing my original backup and so was able to return it to my original stock ROM and then just did a factory reset. It's now winging it's way to Mazuma

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