Selling Rules: Purchase and Sale Price

    OK, as per this thread…d=1

    What is the crack on selling prices. The rules only state that you are not allowed to sell above RRP, not that that you aren't allowed to sell for more than you paid for it. Yet many people seem to think that you have to sell it for what you paid for it.

    What if it was a present, or a free gift with a contract?



    the rules state you cannot use the fs boards for profiteering, so it comes under that rule not the rrp ruule

    the pc you tried to sell was knocked down to that price because thats all its worth, it is a very very basic old setup, dual core are quite old.

    The rules state about trader activity.

    In my oppinion you don't need to give a life story on the item at hand.

    Buts it's up to you.

    Making a profit is for ebay i'm afraid.



    alhough if it wasnt a deal found on here it seems ok, but them im sure it will then fall under another rule - lol

    (10) You must NOT list items for sale at higher than the recommended retail price. The marker of RRP will be determined by cross indexing with Amazon or other well known retailer. Profiteering is NOT permitted from items previously found at a lower price in the 'Deals' or ANY forum here.


    I've already had a discussion about this with seller. The profiteering rules were clarified to cover forum sales items as well, but external sales have always been implied where the seller specifically states that they purchased the item at £x & are now offering it for sale above what they paid for it. It would be trader like to buy & sell at a profit.

    The FS/T Thread mention here was clear as the OP had stated the price they paid which was a discounted offer.

    Where the seller hadn't stated the purchase price they paid, then we look at 2 factors normally, is the asking price below RRP, & also is it below the average selling price compared across a number of major retailers. This takes into the account that one store may have an item on offer but others don't, so we look at an average. The fact that it may be on offer at one store is a seller consideration though when they are setting their price to help guarantee their sale.

    Hope that makes sense
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