Selling sons PS VITA with downloaded games......

Couple years ago i bought my son the vita lego mega pack, which came with a voucher code that you apply to be able to download 5 or 6 lego games. I believe i needed to log into my main PS account to do this at the time.

One of my neighbours wants to buy it, but i was thinking, if i factory reset it, how will he get the free 5/6 lego games that originally came with the kit?.

Is there any way at all around this without leaving my PS account logged in?.



That depends if you have redeemed the voucher code if that is the case then the games will be tied to your account and there is no way round this unless you give him the account.
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The digital games if downloaded from the PSN store are tied in to your login. It may be possible to leave your account on but don't give the password and as long as he does not delete your account he could access them. *That's how the PS3 works..

if you redeemed the codes and they are downloaded on the vita then those games can only be played while logged into your psn account. you can't transfer digital games with any playst playstation device as they are tied to 1 psn account
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