Found 25th Sep 2009
Just flogged 2 brand new XBOX 360 games to CEX and a XBOX 360 official wired headset.

Few questions:

Are the prices quoted to me valid for the next 5 days now?
I know you have to remove the sealing from the games, but do you also have to break the XBOX 360 certificate thing on the side of the game box?
The headset is brand new just removed from a 360 Elite box, can I leave it in the factory packaging or is it best to remove that?

Also they said pack the stuff in a sturdy box, can I just whack the lot in a large jiffy bag since that will provide enough protection for what I'm sending?


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dont send them stuff, i heard u dont get ur money for ages.
sell it on here

yea,start a new thread in the For Sale and sell them on here. You'll probably get the same, if not more than CEX offered.

What are the games.

last time i sold to them took almost 4 weeks to get the cheque.

If your going to have to pay post anyway you may as well sell on here, you will work out better off:thumbsup:


dont send them stuff, i heard u dont get ur money for ages. sell it on … dont send them stuff, i heard u dont get ur money for ages. sell it on here

They're fine - You only hear of the horror stories.

I sold them stuff the other month, had a cheque in 3 days.

got payment within a week

i sell them stuff all the time with no problems so far, just send them in a jiffy or whatever will cost you less. i'd break the seal on the games and just open the headset packaging, you do have 5 days for them to receive your things. you will get paid off them by the time you have declined all the low offers on here, or offers for trades when you just want the money
don't like how they changed from paying to your bank to using paypal though

cex is fine, its a lot easier if you can go to your nearest store though.

If i want to trade in my xbox 360 headset do i need the box
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