Selling to CEX?

    Does anyone have an online guide to what CEX offer for your items?

    Also do they accept unboxed items?

    For example, Xbox 360 wireless adapter, Wii mote unboxed etc. I also have a P35 motherboard fully boxed never been used with all parts. Do they take things like that in?

    A link to their prices would be ideal if they have such a thing online? Also another thing, if they take motherboards and I take it in person, how do I get paid? They must test them somehow do they?

    Cheers for any help.


    Just go on the CEX website and it will tell you what they accept and the price for the condition.

    All the prices are online [url][/url].

    If you go in store you can get cash, a voucher or the new e-voucher which gets emailed to you.

    They will not take motherboards i'm afraid.

    They take unboxed items, things like controllers they shake and press the buttons to check for ovbius faults but do not test them in the back, things like ipods, phones, consoles they test in their test room which can take between 10mins and a couple of hours depending on the item and how many they have to test before you. As far as I know they take most computer parts just not motherboards and PSU's.

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    Ok thanks, just seen their prices. Think I will give it a miss, lol.

    £16 for the 360 wireless adapter, lol.

    They do take unboxed items. Some items will get more cash/credit if you have the box (eg phones) They test almost all electrical items, but do not usually test controllers


    Ok thanks, just seen their prices. Think I will give it a miss, lol.£16 … Ok thanks, just seen their prices. Think I will give it a miss, lol.£16 for the 360 wireless adapter, lol.

    Yeah some of the price's they give you are stupid but for some items it is worth selling to them. Why not sell the wireless adaptor on here in 7 days? You will get more than £16 quid for it lol.

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    I had it on here, dropped the price to £29 but still not even an offer.

    I have taken it off now though and just sold it via Facebook.
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