Selling to CEX Instore for Cash

Found 14th Jul 2011
I am currently looking to sell a few items to CEX.

I think I have a CEX membership card (piece of plastic with a barcode with a hole for a keyring.

If I am after cash, will I require ID or will they accept the membership card as ID?
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Last time I went in I hears the guy saying to a customer that if he hasn't sold stuff for cash he needed ID as his account was only initially set up for trade only, whether thats just my local shop or their policy but maybe worth taking some sort of ID as a back up just in case especially if you're wanting to get rid as saves a wasted journey
i sold them some stuff for cash with just the little membership card, no extra ID needed
ive never taken id, but sometimes i dont even have my card with me just give surname and sign receipt
Most franchises will ask for ID if there is any item that needs to be tested. For cd's, dvd's and games you shouldn't have a problem.
Be prepared for the 'we aren't paying cash at the moment' excuses depending on the day/time/demand!
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