Selling used phones to CEX

Posted 8th Sep
I havent sold anything to cex in years. I believed any phone thats been used will be grade b at best. My phone has been in a front and back case and screen protector but its a few years old. Is there any chance it could be grade A?

Also are there any other sites to sell other than ebay/amazon? the mobile recycling sites offer no where near what they used to.
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If the device has no scratches, bumps and comes with original packaging (unopened) then it can pass for an ‘A grade’.

Other option would be Facebook market place or gumtree
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I will personally say no chance it will be classed as grade A
a few few years back when I sold a phone to them which was brand new I sent it in as a grade A (which it was) anyway when they received it I had a email stating it had been regraded due to marks on screen and back and they included the price they was now offering I declined the offer and had the phone sent back to be honest I was worried that they was going to send a different phone back but they sent back the one I sent which was in perfect condition and I just ended up selling on eBay.
I sold an ipad and mobile to them a year ago, both were mint never been out of covers and screen protectors.
Both classed as A grade.
It’s best to sell on gumtree or eBay when the £1 fees are on to get the most money
If you've got the box and the phone is mint with all accessories then definitely a 95% chance of it being graded an 'A'
You will be surprised they will find a scratch and you can’t. The phone has to be literally new with all accessories to be grade A but you have used yours for few years
Sign up to AVForums and sell there
A grade = no scratches, with original box and essential accessories.

B grade = no scratches, no box required but all essential accessories are. Some stores (especially franchises) may be a bit more lenient about accessories and tiny scratches.

C grade = battered phones.
Check the corners for marks. That's what gets you, especially with a protective case. used to be quite competitive against cex and aren't as adept at spotting scratches. Might be worth a compare.
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