selling used ps4, price suggestions

Found 1st Mar 2015
hi guys, what do you think would be a fair price for my slightly used ps4 with 2 controllers and 5 games? gta 5, fifa 14, nba2k14,minecraft and UFC

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It's a minefield out there with ps4 bundles, I'd say yours (if its boxed) is probably worth around the £320 mark, but there's some ridiculous deals popping up on ebay, the other day I got a mint boxed PS4 with 2nd brand new controller, camera, official charging cradle, 7 games and a brand new 1tb hardrive for £250 buy it now.... I think the guy wasn't all there
prices you can get at cex are

PS Console (Boxed £176.00) (Unboxed £168.00)
GTA V £19.00
FIFA 14 £1.50
NBA 2K14 £7.00
UFC £16.00

so whole bundle would be worth £226.50 boxed or £218.50 unboxed

may be worth trying ebay

Cex prices are generally lower than what another person who wants the bundle would be willing to pay. GTA5 is pretty popular, minecraft is pretty cheap and the extra controller is a plus. However not everyone might be too keen on the 3 sport related games. I reckon you'd still get around £300 or more for it.

I wouldn't recommend selling something of that value on eBay due to the 10% of the selling fee they take and also the paypal fees. However searching about on eBay gives you a fair indication of what price a bundle like yours would go for. If you're looking to list it on here, you'll have to close this thread and then wait 1 week before listing it in the For Sale/Trade section since asking for valuation counts as listing the item, according to the rules.
Sell it on here for around the £300 mark.
Break the deal and sell as the following or list on an auction site below are around top prices you will get for each. Make sure you list to end on a sunday evening any items:

GTA V £30, Fifa 14 £8, NBA £18, Minecraft £20, UFC £20, extra controller £30 then sell the console with pad for £239. You can bump up the console price too if you sell it with the email if you registered for psn as then anyone who bought it would have access to any free games you had already downloaded.

Breaking will give you about £355 to £375 bundled your looking at £310
thanks for all the feedback guys, much appreciated. i'll try to sell it for 320, wish me luck! realised today what a waste of money it is in my case considering i have no friends to play with and a beast of a pc.
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