Selling worn out shoes on ebay to fruitcakes, luck selling worthless items...

Found 11th Jul 2008
I think we've all heard the ol' "if you have a old pair of worn out shoes shove them on ebay 'cuz some weirdo with a fetish will buy them" - myth? No. Some old neighbours got an ebay account after I showed them the ropes and decided to shove a pair of their daughters old trainers on there. They were a mess, I saw them. They certainly were barely wearable. Well they sold - someone in Australia apparently.

This was quite a time ago though so I can't provide the listing, I was just reminded of it earlier today!

Has anyone else had any luck selling a completly useless, random item on ebay?


Was that me with the single shoe thing on skint thread? LOL :-D

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Was that me with the single shoe thing on skint thread? LOL :-D

Haha, you know I couldn't pinpoint exactly why the hell I remembered this but yeah - that has to be it!!

It was a while ago I was on and was in the "everything else" category I think it is. I was looking through them and some guy was selling "the brain". Basically he had taken a picture of himself squeezing his nuts. From underneath so it looked like,well,a brain! lol. I couldn't believe he got away with it! I have put my hand in marriage up for sale a few times now,highlighting some of the pluses,like British Citizenship,British Passport,but it keeps getting taken down for some reason :whistling:

I remember there was a massive thread on about this sort of thing. Apparently slippers are the way forward............dirty smelly ones at that!
It definately is not a myth, you just need to search and you will find.............

edit - can't find any slippers but there are few dirty trainers eg. item number 350077516719

edit again - I am in no way affiliated with the sale or purchase of any said items. Any accusations will be put down to "coincidence".

I have stumbled across this before when looking for cheap trainers on ebay, there were lots of second hand trainers with the listers emphasising that the trainers were not for sale in a sexual way. Bit weird if you ask me..

do smelly ones sell better

Trainers that is :-D

There is definitely something in it


do smelly ones sell better Trainers that is :-D

More smell = More £'s

ew i looked for uggboots the once (new!) and came across someone selling a really old manky pair specifically for someone with a foot fetish and said that they honked!

My friend sold her soul for £27 and an air guitar for £5.50.

I have seen someone selling used lipstick!!!


I have seen someone selling used lipstick!!!

Was this still in the applicator or on her face??


I have seen someone selling used lipstick!!!

I know someone who bought used lipstick! :shock:

Mind you it was described as Brand New :x

Someone once told me that some weirdos pay a fair amount for used tights!
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